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Using Color Schemes in Mobile UI Design


The competition in the mobile app marketplace is high, and app developers try to grab any opportunity to make their solutions shine. A good color scheme can give advance an app in the store…

Things You Should Consider Before Launching Game Development Project


People play mobile games every day, but only a small number of these games can become really successful. Game developers should take into account some factors before starting a new project..

Sharing Economy And Social Media: Can They Be Separate?


Sharing economy is now of the most popular business directions. Social media platforms offer owners of such a business new opportunities, and integration of a sharing economy business model with social media has already begun…

Healthcare WebSites CMS – Ordinary or Customized


Healthcare organizations have gone online since now they understand how important it is to have a website. A website can become an important tool that will draw attention of potential customers. Choosing a CMS for such a website is often a difficult task…

Sentiment analysis for social media and marketing research


Commercial sentiment analysis systems usually consist of two main components.The first component is responsible for analyzing user reviews and detecting positivity or negativity and product features with associated opinion phrases.The second component generates product recommendations based on document statistics and output data of the first component.